The RT Top 100 Horror Films (2015)


Scoring is calculated using a tiered scoring system.

How It Works

The films in a list are divided into six tiers:

Points are awarded to each film based on the tier it resides in, and the cumulative point totals are used to determine the final rankings.

Tier Size And Placement

The size of the 1st tier is always one, as it only contains the top film in the list. The size of the remaining five tiers is determined by the size of the list:

tier size = (# of films in the list - 1) / 5

For a list of 11 films:

tier size = (11 - 1) / 5 = 10 / 5 = 2 films in each of tiers 2 through 6:

If the list size does not divide evenly into 5 tiers, the remainder is used to determine how many of the tiers (starting with the 6th tier) receive an extra film.

For a list of 14 films:

tier size = (14 - 1) / 5 = 13 / 5 = 2 films in each tier, with a remainder of 3. The remainder indicates that the 3 lowest tiers receive an extra film:

For lists that have fewer than six films, the tiers will be determined as follows:



If multiple films finish with the same score, the following rules are used to break the tie:

  1. The film with the most combined 1st and 2nd tier votes wins
  2. If still tied, the film with the most 3rd tier votes wins
  3. If still tied, the film with the most 4th tier votes wins
  4. If still tied, the film with the most 5th tier votes wins
  5. If still tied, the film with the most 6th tier votes wins
  6. *If still tied, the films are considered to be tied

*Note: If the films are tied for #1 overall, a poll will held to determine the winner.